Tuesday, June 26

5 ways to annoy your sister

This is a way I can share my knowledge. I have a 13 year old sister and she is a fun person to bug. I am her younger sister. This entry is to all the younger sisters. So here is ways to annoy your sister:
1)If she has a AIM acount go on and talk to her friends
2)Wear her stuff
3)Take her stuff then the next day give it back
4)Get very close to her face then talk
5)Don't knock before going in her room
That is ways I make my sister blow up in rage. So have fun trying them out. I know I did.

Monday, June 4

Banana Smoothie

I was looking at a banana when my mind went trailing off again as usual. I was thinking of all banana related things when I remembered a song called banana smoothie. Then I remembered a great banana smoothie recipe I made. It was around two years ago so I am not sure if the amount is perfect.
In a blender you mix one banana, one cup of milk, two icecubes (your choice), a small container of banana yogurt, and last but not least two teaspoons of suger. That makes one or two servings.
If you like it comment!